How Can I Quickly Relieve Constipation?


Many people can’t describe how their stomach feels at any given time. Symptoms such as “my stomach feeling heavy, as if the food I ate hasn’t been digested, and feeling like throwing up and all.” This sensation is known as constipation, and it is one of the most common gastrointestinal issues in the United States. Every year, at least 2.5 million people seek medical attention for constipation.

Constipation occurs when bowel movements decrease in frequency and feces become difficult to pass. It is most commonly caused by changes in food or routine, as well as inadequate fiber intake. People with constipation experience delays in food digestion, causing discomfort, or have difficulty expelling feces. This bothers the affected person because of the anxiety it causes. However, it is not a rare condition.

People of all ages may experience constipation occasionally. Certain people and events are more likely to cause persistent constipation (chronic constipation). Some examples are: aging. Older people are less active, have a slower metabolism, and have less muscle contraction strength in their digestive tract than they did when they were younger.

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Furthermore, being a woman, particularly during pregnancy and after childbirth,. A woman’s hormonal changes make her more prone to constipation. The baby inside the uterus presses on the intestines, slowing fecal transit. Not consuming enough high-fiber foods. High-fiber foods keep food flowing through the digestive tract. Possible and likely reasons include taking certain medications as well as having certain neurological (brain and spinal cord) and intestinal issues.

Constipation occurs when your colon absorbs too much water from waste (stool/poop), causing the stool to dry out and become difficult to push out of the body. To summarize, food generally passes from the small intestine to the large intestine, sometimes known as the colon, with the digested food (waste) remaining. The colon absorbs water from the waste, forming a solid called feces. If you experience constipation, food may pass through your digestive tract too slowly. This gives the colon an excessive amount of time to absorb water from the waste. The stool becomes firm, dry, and difficult to expel.

According to research, people with constipation should drink plenty of water, eat vegetables before going to bed, exercise, eat fruits, avoid junk food, and eat healthily. The best cure is to see a doctor whenever they have an unpleasant feeling. Ignoring constipation could be extremely hazardous. The term ‘Health is Wealth’ should never be underestimated. Our health should be our top priority.

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