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  • We give out ₦5,000 to each of our top five Instagram/Twitter followers each month.
  • We take great satisfaction in your interactions with us and your passion for our platforms, which motivates us to keep working hard to produce sterling materials that have the power to tremendously change lives.
  • On the final day of every month, we pick our top followers and give them each ₦5,000 as a token of our profound gratitude for their confidence in us.
  • How to become our Top Follower on Instagram/Twitter:
    • Follow our accounts on both social platforms; Instagram – @techrectory and Twitter – @techrectory.
    • Adequately engage with our posts throughout the month; by liking, commenting, retweeting (on Twitter), and reposting (on Instagram story).
    • One who follows, likes, comments, retweets (on Twitter), and reposts (on Instagram story) on a daily basis would be our ideal top follower.
  • For feedback or to contribute a story, contact us via direct message.
  • Our reviewers will get in touch with each winner at the end of each month to transfer the sum of ₦5,000 prize to their accounts.
  • To let us know that you hope to be one of the winners, click the button below.