Remita Sponsors Fintech Week, Champions Innovation and Resilience in Fintech

Remita Sponsors Fintech Week, Champions Innovation and Resilience in Fintech (PHOTO: Vanguard News)
Remita Sponsors Fintech Week, Champions Innovation and Resilience in Fintech (PHOTO: Vanguard News)

In a bid to promote fintech innovation, Remita Payment Services Limited (RPSL) proudly sponsored the sixth edition of Nigerian Fintech Week, Africa’s premier gathering of fintech pioneers and innovators.

The event focused on fostering collaborations, innovation, and transformative developments within the fintech sector.

During the event, ‘Deremi Atanda, Managing Director of Remita, delivered a keynote address, emphasizing the importance of embracing experimentation and risk tolerance. He stated, “In our pursuit of innovation, we must understand that success is often paved with failures. Therefore, we must consciously embrace experimentation, liberate ourselves from the constraints of a single framework, and view every setback as a stepping stone to progress.”

Remita’s journey from a failed project in 2005 to processing over $50 billion in transactions exemplifies the significance of learning from failure.

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During a fireside chat session titled ‘Building Resilience: Insights from Executives,’ Ademola Igbalajobi, Managing Director of SystemSpecs Technology Services Limited (STSL), emphasized the necessity of addressing customer challenges and achieving satisfaction as key drivers for fintech startups.

He advised, “The prevailing emphasis in fintech often focuses on fundraising, sometimes overshadowing the essential steps of achieving customer satisfaction and establishing a strong product-market fit. Drawing from our experience, we recommend that businesses prioritize these foundational elements before seeking funding. It is imperative to establish a solid product foundation and dedicate concerted efforts to enhance its quality before engaging in discussions with prospective investors.

During a panel discussion on effective marketing for business growth and expansion, Tokunbo Omonubi, Head of Products at Remita, emphasized the importance of creating products that genuinely address customer needs.

In his words, “In today’s diverse business environment, it’s crucial to understand how these enterprises influence consumers. This understanding forms the basis for establishing a harmonious connection between marketing strategies and product development, ultimately leading to products that genuinely address customer needs.”

Remita, with its three-decade legacy of leadership, has consistently influenced various aspects of the financial services value chain. The event featured over 50 top organizations, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and the latest fintech advancements.

This emphasizes the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the industry, with companies like Remita at the forefront of its growth and development.

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