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NCC’s Vigilance: Unapproved Phone Sales Alert

NCC's Vigilance: Unapproved Phone Sales Alert

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has raised a cautionary flag for traders and all stakeholders regarding the potential adverse outcomes associated with the sale and acquisition of phones and telecommunications equipment lacking the Commission’s official type approval.

Within the realm of the telecom industry, the NCC holds the responsibility of certifying the suitability of telecom devices. This pivotal duty finds its foundation in the Nigerian Communications Act (2003), which primarily aims to safeguard consumer rights and interests.

Telecom devices lacking proper type approval are believed to infiltrate the Nigerian market through unofficial channels, detrimentally impacting the overall service quality within the network.

Representing the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta, Dr. Emilia Nwokoro, Deputy Director of the Consumer Affairs Bureau, addressed attendees at the 5th edition of Market Conversation. This event, part of NCC’s concerted efforts towards awareness, took place at Abuja’s GSM Village. Nwokoro emphasized the need to educate market traders about the far-reaching implications tied to trading substandard products. She cautioned that engaging in the sale of non-type approved devices could result in legal consequences, including potential arrest and prosecution.

Nwokoro further elaborated on the meticulous procedure the NCC has established for approving telecom devices, underlining that the list of sanctioned devices is accessible to the public on the NCC website. This accessibility should empower traders to differentiate between approved and unapproved devices.

The Chairman of the GSM Village Market in Abuja, Macdonald Ajuogu, shared insights into the market’s own vigilance mechanisms. He revealed the existence of a dedicated task force responsible for overseeing device types and standards sold within the market. Ajuogu extended gratitude to the NCC for their informative session, assuring their commitment to aligning with the Commission’s guidelines. He pledged the traders’ commitment to cross-reference the NCC’s list of approved devices to avoid any penalties.

It’s noteworthy that the NCC had already sounded a similar alarm in November 2023, urging consumers to steer clear of devices lacking proper type approval and counterfeit products.

In conclusion, the NCC’s recent outreach at the GSM Village underscores its commitment to enhancing consumer protection and service quality standards within Nigeria’s telecom sector. The collaborative efforts between regulatory bodies and market stakeholders are poised to curb the proliferation of substandard devices, fostering a more secure and reliable telecommunications landscape.

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