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Scammers Target Websites for Phishing Attacks

Website Attack
Website Attack

Due to the absence of support and upkeep on these outdated websites, scammers target them to disseminate phishing pages, rendering them vulnerable to hacking through exploits and opening the door for phishing attempts.

According to Kaspersky experts, fraudsters use WordPress websites to place fake pages that collect personal and banking information and result in money theft. Due to flaws, they concentrate on WordPress websites, preying on site administrators with passwords that are weak or compromised. They publish phishing pages after gaining unauthorized access to control panels. Since the homepage buttons of compromised websites frequently don’t work, attackers replace legitimate directories with false ones, which include phishing content.

Streaming services have become increasingly popular, making them a prime target for cybercriminals who actively take advantage of this development.

The cleverly designed phishing pages that imitate widely recognized streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, and others are frequently found by Kaspersky experts. Some of the pages that were analyzed were deceptively made using outdated, hacked websites. Phishing pages look exactly like Netflix’s login pages and URLs, but their real name has nothing to do with the service they are trying to imitate. The goal is to trick users into disclosing sensitive information by misleading them.

Unaware users who are trying to sign up for a streaming account run the risk of losing money as well as having their sensitive data compromised when they unwittingly provide personal information, such as account login information and banking information like CVV. The control panel for the website also stores this information. Web shells’ accessibility to this information allows for unauthorized entry, making victims more exposed to a wider audience.

Despite the revolution in streaming services, it’s crucial to exercise caution online. It’s advised to buy subscriptions from authorized sources and use subscription management apps. These apps offer a safe and practical method for renewing subscriptions, maintaining account control, and protecting sensitive information from potential threats, says Olga Svistunova, a security expert at Kaspersky.

Kaspersky developed SubsCrab, a subscription management tool that streamlines reminders for purchases, simplifies the tracking of subscriptions, and finds opportunities for cost-cutting. With a user-friendly design and a wealth of features, it offers effective subscription tracking while encouraging planning and money management.

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