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Lagos Warns Nightclubs Against Drugs and Firearms

Lanre Mojola - Lagos State
Lanre Mojola - Lagos State

The Lagos State government, acting through its Safety Commission, issued a stern warning to nightclubs in the state regarding the usage of drugs and firearms within their premises. The commission expressed concern over the increasing prevalence of drugs and firearms in these establishments and vowed to take strict measures against any nightclub found violating the regulations.

The Director-General (DG) of the Commission, Lanre Mojola, announced plans for collaboration with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to tackle the issue effectively. Speaking at a meeting with nightclub owners in Lagos, Mojola emphasized the government’s zero-tolerance policy towards drug and firearm use in nightclubs, emphasizing that stringent action would be taken against offenders.

Mojola also highlighted the alarming presence of underage individuals in several nightclubs, stressing that such practices are against the law and must be curbed. The meeting aimed to address these concerns and ensure compliance with regulations. Club owners were urged to create designated areas for smoking and discourage drug outlets on their premises.

The DG called on nightclub owners to take collective responsibility by forming an association to combat drug and firearms usage within their establishments. Additionally, he prohibited security personnel from carrying firearms during nightclub operations.

The commission, in collaboration with security agencies, announced regular inspections of nightclubs across the state to identify non-compliant establishments and subsequently shut them down.

During the meeting, Superintendent of Narcotics Maijama’a Abdullahi, the staff officer in charge of operations at the Lagos State Command of NDLEA, expressed concern over the rampant drug usage in nightclubs. Abdullahi revealed that drugs were being excessively used and sold in close proximity to these establishments, urging club owners to cooperate in curbing the issue.

The warning comes as a clear message to nightclub owners in Lagos to adhere to the state’s laws and regulations governing their operations, ensuring a safer and drug-free environment for club-goers.

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