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Buguard Raises $500,000 in Seed Funding to Tackle Dark Web Cyber Threats

Egypt-based cybersecurity startup Buguard raises $500,000 in seed funding led by A15 to defend clients against dark web cyber attacks. The company will focus on product development and expanding its team while introducing the SaaS product Dark Atlas for dark web monitoring and account protection.


Buguard, an innovative cybersecurity startup based in Egypt, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully concluding a seed funding round, securing an impressive $500,000 to strengthen its mission of safeguarding clients from dark web cyber attacks and to fuel its expansion plans. The funding round was expertly led by A15, a prominent venture capital firm in the MENA region, and attracted participation from a range of angel investors.

Established in 2021 by Youssef Mohamed, Buguard has carved a niche in providing top-notch offensive security services that offer comprehensive protection against dark web cyber threats.

The growing prevalence of cyber attacks has become a major concern, with an alarming statistic revealing that approximately 90% of African businesses operate without adequate cybersecurity protocols as of February 2023.

Youssef Mohamed, the visionary Founder, and Chief Technology Officer of Buguard highlighted the paramount importance of their services in combating the constantly evolving and escalating cyber threats. He expressed heartfelt gratitude to A15 for their unwavering support in this funding round and proudly acknowledged Buguard’s hand-picked team of exceptionally skilled security researchers and engineers.

Karim Beshara, a seasoned General Partner at A15, spoke highly of Buguard’s unparalleled domain expertise and the team’s dedication to proactively thwart cybercriminal tactics. Beshara emphasized that robust cybersecurity measures are crucial for businesses of all sizes in today’s digital landscape.

Buguard’s exceptional expertise and relentless dedication to innovation have firmly established the company as a trailblazer in providing top-of-the-line application security, bug bounty programs, penetration testing, security consultations, and more.

As Buguard continues its noble mission to protect businesses’ technology, information, and people from cyber threats, the success of the seed funding round stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to creating a safer digital world.

In a world where cyber threats are ever-looming, Buguard’s efforts to fortify businesses against such dangers are truly commendable. With the newfound financial support, the company is poised to expand its impact further and continue leading the charge in the battle against relentless cyber threats, creating a secure and fortified digital landscape for all.

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