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AI and Arts: Innovention Series 11 Sparks Thoughtful Dialogue

AI and Arts: Innovention Series 11 Sparks Thoughtful Dialogue (PHOTO: TechEconomy)
AI and Arts: Innovention Series 11 Sparks Thoughtful Dialogue (PHOTO: TechEconomy)

Leading the charge in exploring the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the arts, Verdant Zeal Group’s Innovention Series 11 recently convened a high-profile event.

The platform provided a stage for experts in the creative industry to discuss the evolving landscape of AI and its interaction with artistic expression. This significant event, hosted by Funmibi Adeleye, featured a fireside chat with two distinguished figures in the field.

AI’s Potential for Combating Crime

Joke Silva, a renowned Nigerian Actress and Entrepreneur, who also serves as a Goodwill Ambassador combating human trafficking, underscored AI’s remarkable capabilities. She explained, “AI is about collecting data and looking for anomalies in the data. It helps us detect activities in specific areas, enabling crime prevention and resource allocation effectively.” Silva’s insights delved into AI’s role in crime prevention and its societal impact.

Balancing AI with Human Creativity

On the other hand, Kunle Afolayan, CEO of Golden Effects Pictures and an influential figure in the film industry, shared his experiences in navigating the evolving landscape. Afolayan emphasized the importance of striking a balance between AI and human creativity. He noted, “We must balance our reliance on AI with human creativity. AI can enhance efficiency, but human touch, cultural context, and creativity are irreplaceable.” Afolayan’s remarks highlighted the necessity of preserving cultural nuances in storytelling.

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Augmented Reality and Ethical Considerations

The discussion also delved into the realm of augmented reality (AR) and its potential implications for the creative industries. Joke Silva expressed reservations about the widespread adoption of AR and raised pertinent questions: “As AI evolves, what happens to those who lose their jobs? Can AI be harnessed to create more opportunities in the creative sector?” Silva’s concerns focused on the potential consequences of AR on employment and the need for inclusive economic growth.

Preserving Authenticity and Culture

Both panelists emphasized the need to align technological progress with ethical considerations and human values. Joke Silva stressed the importance of Nigerian narratives in the global arena, stating, “Our values need to be right for the culture. Let’s use AI to elevate our country’s image and foster a sense of national pride.” Kunle Afolayan echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful approach. He stated, “AI should not compromise our authenticity. We must maintain the integrity of our stories and culture while embracing innovation.”

The fireside chat concluded on a hopeful note, with both panelists sharing a vision of a future where AI enhances, rather than diminishes, creativity. They emphasized the necessity for ongoing dialogue, ethical guidelines, and collective efforts to harness technology responsibly.

The integration of AI in the creative industry, when carefully aligned with human values, cultural diversity, and global empowerment, holds vast potential for innovation and cultural enrichment.

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