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United Kingdom and Global Partners Commit £80 Million to AI-Driven Development in Africa

2023 AI Safety Summit

United Kingdom and Global Partners Commit £80 Million to AI-Driven Development in Africa (PHOTO: AI Business)
United Kingdom and Global Partners Commit £80 Million to AI-Driven Development in Africa (PHOTO: AI Business)

The United Kingdom, along with Canada, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the USA, and African nations, is channeling £80 million ($100 million) into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to propel development in economically challenged regions, primarily focusing on sub-Saharan Africa.

This collaboration was introduced at the 2023 AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park, highlighting the shared goal of addressing inequalities and fostering prosperity in Africa through artificial intelligence technology.

Goals of the Collaboration:

The central objectives of this collective initiative include harnessing AI’s potential to benefit the 700 million people speaking 46 African languages, elevating at least five African nations to global prominence in artificial intelligence discussions tied to the Sustainable Development Goals, and establishing or expanding a minimum of eight responsible AI research labs at African universities.

Additionally, it aims to assist ten countries in creating robust regulatory frameworks for AI’s responsible and equitable use and lowering barriers for African AI innovators through private sector cooperation.

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Five-Year Plan for AI-Driven Development:

Over the next five years, the UK and its global partners are set to undertake a multifaceted approach to AI-enabled development in Africa. This includes providing financial support for post-graduate training and fellowships in AI at African universities.

This initiative will focus on promoting responsible AI governance, assisting African nations in navigating the potential risks associated with AI adoption, and facilitating their economic adaptation to technological advancements.

What The Representatives Are Saying:

Several prominent figures associated with this initiative have shared their perspectives:

– James Cleverly, the UK Foreign Secretary, expressed the global benefits of AI, stating, “The transformative power of AI should have a global benefit. AI can change lives for the better around the world, including helping to develop new treatments for diseases and to tackle food insecurity.

– Mark Suzman, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, highlighted the potential of Artificial Intelligence to address global challenges, emphasizing, “From accelerating medical breakthroughs and expanding access to health care to boosting learning outcomes and increasing agricultural production, AI has the potential to help solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

– François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s Minister of Science, Innovation and Industry, stressed the importance of international collaboration for the safe and responsible use of AI, stating, “International collaboration is essential to ensure Artificial Intelligence is used safely and responsibly around the world.

– Christopher Burns, USAID Chief Digital Development Officer and Director for Technology, underlined the moral obligation to deploy Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of all, particularly underserved communities, saying, “As development practitioners and donors, we have a moral obligation to ensure AI is designed and deployed responsibly and ethically to the benefit of all.

– Bosun Tijani, Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Federal Republic of Nigeria said “Artificial Intelligence offers an unprecedented opportunity to appropriate knowledge more quickly and seamlessly in addressing some of our pressing socio-economic challenges. Our duty as policymakers is to ensure that our nation can participate and mainstream value creation from AI.

This initiative marks a significant stride towards realizing AI’s potential as a force for good in pursuit of global development goals, with a specific focus on Africa.

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