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Pro-Nigerien Hacktivists Attempted to Disrupt MTN Nigeria’s Network in Response to Niger’s Situation

A reputable source within MTN Nigeria confirmed that Anonymous Sudan, a hacktivist group, made multiple attempts to hack into MTN’s network.

Pro-Niger on Mtn Attack by Techrectory.
Pro-Niger on Mtn Attack by Techrectory.

A reputable source within MTN Nigeria confirmed that Anonymous Sudan, a hacktivist group, made multiple attempts to hack into MTN’s network in protest against Nigeria’s position on the coup in Niger Republic. The group claimed responsibility for the cyber attack on MTN Nigeria, citing Nigeria’s proposed military intervention in Niger as the reason for their actions.

In a statement on their Telegram channel, Anonymous Sudan expressed their dissatisfaction with Nigeria’s government actions towards Niger and accused them of supporting a French colonialistic planned invasion of Niger.

While the attempted hacks did occur on Wednesday the 3rd of August 2023, they were unsuccessful. The source explained that MTN’s robust cyber security system, including massive firewalls, thwarted the hacktivists’ efforts. Although there were a couple of minor glitches, the network remained unaffected.

MTN reiterated its commitment to investing in cyber security and strengthening its firewalls to safeguard against future threats. Concurrently, the National Information Technology Development Agency‘s Computer Emergency Readiness and Response Team issued a warning about hacking activities targeting government digital services, highlighting the risks posed by the politically and religiously motivated cyber campaigns of Anonymous Sudan.

The British embassy announced plans to reduce its staff numbers in Niger due to the security situation in the country, while the United States ordered the temporary departure of non-emergency personnel and their families from its embassy in Niger. The US State Department, however, affirmed its commitment to Nigerien democracy and stated that its mission in Niger would remain open with senior leadership continuing to work from there.

As the situation remains volatile, the relevant authorities advised financial service providers, telecommunication providers, and government service providers to enhance their cyber security readiness and make sure to be available and on standby for any possible cyber attack that is likely to place place in their system.

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