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Partnership for IT Skill Development to be Examined by Tezza Academy and Accra Institute of Technology

Tezza Business Solutions, a top B2B IT and business consulting firm that connects clients with great local talent across Africa, promotes Tezza Academy.
Here, two powerful forces are joining forces to further the development of skills in Africa.

A relationship between the Tezza Academy in Nigeria and the Accra Institute of Technology (AIT) in Ghana is being discussed in order to promote talent and knowledge transfer, research advancements, and cross-cultural understanding between the two organizations.

Professor Clement Dzidonu, President of AIT, got the chance to tour the Tezza Academy’s facility on his trip to Nigeria on July 23.

The Tezza team, which includes Mr. Jide Modele, Equity Partner; Mr. Jide Adams, Managing Director; and Mr. Damilare Dairo, Facility Manager, gave him a warm welcome.

Prof. Clement Dzidonu characterized the academy as a suitable model for fostering the development of industry-required skills in young people, particularly graduates of higher institutions who are frequently underprepared by their academic backgrounds to the ceaselessly changing dynamics of the workplace.

Speaking after a facility tour of the academy in Lagos, he said a partnership could create opportunities for the two organizations in both countries, leading to internships, job opportunities for students and graduates, as well as industry-sponsored projects to address one of the continent’s growing challenges for closing knowledge gaps and nurturing highly skilled IT professionals across sectors.

According to Tezza Academy’s managing partner, Jide Modele, the academy is dedicated to addressing the local “jakpa syndrome,” or the exodus of highly skilled IT professionals, by “discovering, equipping, and training self-motivated youths in conjunction with our global partners in specialized IT disciplines.”

According to Modele, the Academy aims to turn the brain drain into brain gain by keeping brilliant persons and giving them access to cutting-edge IT opportunities and skills. This will considerably help Nigeria’s position in global value chains (GVCs) as a major exporter of human capital.

Tezza Academy provides free tuition and residency programs that equip young Nigerians with cutting-edge IT skills and guarantee job placements after three months of intensive instruction. Since 2020, the Academy has established relationships and provided high skill sets needed across industries locally and offshore, enabling trainees to be integrated into client sites in a way that successfully addresses the concerns of unemployment and employability in Nigeria.

The Accra Institute of technological (AIT) is a privately funded research institution with a technological emphasis that was founded in Accra, Ghana, in 2009. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA-inspired Massachusetts Institute of Technology (AIT) is routinely listed among Africa’s tech-focused universities.

Dzidonu, a professor of computer science, expressed a strong desire to launch a Tezza initiative in Accra and laid the groundwork for a possible collaboration with Tezza Academy that would enable AIT to take advantage of its reputable position and extensive network in Ghana to facilitate placements for program graduates.

He claims that the AIT will, among other things, look into a Ghanaian Immersive Program in Accra with a cohort size comparable to Tezza Academy’s existing students, as well as figure out placement assistance in recognition of the difficulties university-taught programs experience in retaining graduates.

The strategic partnership intends to link Tezza Academy’s immersion program with Ghana’s top students from multiple colleges, providing young professionals with career pathways. According to Dzidonu, this exchange program could further support cultural diversity and give students a wider perspective on technology and innovation in various Ghanaian and Nigerian contexts.

In order to improve the creation of startup incubation programs and access to funding options for creative ventures, the collaboration also aims to provide support for student entrepreneurs.

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