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Setting the Agenda for Dr. Bosun Tijani (II): ATCON Welcomes the Minister and Outlines Key Expectations

We’re concentrating on the expectations of the Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) today, Dr. Bosun Tijani, the recently appointed Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy.

ATCON Minister (PHOTO:@bosuntijani/Instagram)
ATCON Minister (PHOTO:@bosuntijani/Instagram)

The members of ATCON welcome Dr. Tijani’s appointment as the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, according to Mr. Tony Izuagbe Emoekpere, President of ATCON.

A professional, non-profit, and apolitical umbrella organization for telecom firms in Nigeria is called ATCON.

It is encouraging that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu chose someone with an IT background for the position, and the fact that he is still relatively young indicates that a dynamic approach to the industry is being targeted, says the organization’s president.The Ministry’s name now includes the word “Innovation” which is significant. It is another indication of the direction the current administration plans to move the communications sector. A lot of innovation is actually needed when one of the promises of a million digital jobs is taken into account.

The Minister’s Agenda for ATCON

According to Emoekpere, when it comes to the industry’s focus areas, there are still fundamental issues, particularly at the infrastructure’s physical layer, which, if not solved, will prevent success in the application layers, where the majority of digital jobs are found.

“The country needs to develop its communication infrastructure and make it safe and possible for it to continue growing.

Innovative digital services that can benefit from the burgeoning digital economy can be further developed and extended to all areas of the nation, especially the unserved and underserved areas, according to him.

Emoekpere pointed out that the industry still faces problems with funding, security, and permits despite the fact that some progress has been made, particularly by the regulatory bodies, particularly the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and the newly established National Data Protection Commission (NDPC).

Focus should be placed on the following areas in ATCON: 1. Establishing a special FX window for business operators; 2. Enacting the crucial National Infrastructure Bill; 3. Implementing the Right of Way Agreement; and 4. Various Taxes and Regulations

Our success is correlated with that of the new minister. For him to expedite growth and development in the industry, it is advised that he form an industry think tank team.

The president of ATCON reminded Bosun Tijani that in order to launch projects and programs that would hasten the development, efficacy, and efficiency of Nigeria’s telecom and ICT sector, he would need the expertise of industry associations.

The Honourable Minister of Communications, Innovation, and the Digital Economy has our full support and we look forward to working with him to make the most of his tenure.

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