Nobody is talking about petroleum in America again – Amb. Amina Ajayi tells Tinubu/Nigeria

…alleges energy transition

A Nigerian -US based, Amb Amina Temitope Ajayi, has predicted that Nigeria will resemble some of the fastest growing economies in the world in a couple of years, if the country’s leadership intensify its efforts towards renewable energy and energy transition for both commercial and domestic purposes.
Mother Amb. Amina Temitope Ajayi a.k.a Mama Diaspora, also stressed the need to remained focused and concentrated on reviving Nigeria’s economy with American trained graduate and intellectual President Tinubu.
Amb. Amina Ajayi, in her congratulatory statement to President Bola Tinubu at PEPT revealed that Africa is the focus of the world and industrialized nations because of Africa’s arable land, intellectual property and human capital, saying the use of petroleum is out fashion in America.
“In America, most of the buses I see write clean energy on the body of the buses. Nobody is talking about petroleum in America. They are discussing Alternative Fuel/CNG Compressed Natural Gas Buses and Solar Electric Vehicle.
“This is the right time for us to switch to what other countries are doing because nobody is even using those things again.
Nigeria should intensify its efforts towards renewable energy and energy transition, both commercial and domestic”, she stated.
Amb. Ajayi, also urged Nigerians to come together as one people with a “renewed hope” to support the present administration “So much so that the stability of our unity and support will also be an attraction point for foreign investors from America and other countries”.
“We need to stay focused and concentrate on reviving Nigeria’s economy. We are so blessed to have an American- trained graduate and intellectual as the President of our great country, Nigeria.
“In the next couple of years, Nigeria will resemble some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. With more focus on agriculture and the workforce, we will continue to build economies of scale”, Amina Ajayi stated.
According to her, during the Industrial Revolution in the United States of America, there was a robust concentration on empowering the labor force and farm labor, saying with the influence of technology and manufacturing, the US increased production and richly developed its economy to record levels.
“What also made America successful were its overall investments in agriculture, transportation, housing, and mineral resources, including oil and gas and other mineral resources. We are going to work hard as a nation to attract foreign investors.
“I want to thank everybody who has been praying. They said the prayers of the faithful availeth much. As a success of this political party, those who have worked so hard in the campaign for this present administration, as a mother, and as Mama Diaspora Fully Beatified 100% shall be well with us.
“This is the first time we will also sing everybody is a winner as far as I am concerned. Democracy is alive, the government of the people for the people and by the people.
“We have these young adults, which represent 65% of Nigerian young adults. That is an asset of this country. For the first time, we are coming together to utilize our assets because our primary goal is for us to be back to our glory, the Giant of Africa.
“Though tribe and tongue may differ, including political parties, in brotherhood and sisterhood, we stand Nigeria we hail thee. We all need to unite now, suck it up, embrace each other, and take Nigeria to the next level.
“Let us assume we will be watching a football match. There must be a winner. Now we won. Nigeria won as a nation. Let us take that and be the giant of Africa”, she stated.
“I am very blessed to know the Potential of our Asiwaju. I have been telling Nigerians that we have a great leader who will turn this country around for the better. First, he is an accountant and an excellent financial manager and knows the language of success.
‘The language of success for a country includes foreign investments. It shows he is a leader. He is going out to seek help for his children to eat. He did not sit down and listen to the unnecessary talks.
“He is coming to the US. They are waiting for him at the United Nations in New York. He is coming to the US to seek other investors again. That is a father. That is the difference between a leader and a father. He wants to solve the problem of his children. He is passionate. He needs help. He is the father of the nation. He has to go and look for food for his children.
“Asiwaju displayed an excellent passion for Nigeria, going to India for the G20 Summit to look for investments when a historic judgment of the 2023 presidential election was to be delivered. It showed he was not concerned about himself, but he was worried about Nigeria”, she noted.
“I am excited and want my Nigerian family to unite because we must concentrate on agriculture, transportation, housing, mineral resources, and petroleum. These are the places where we need a favor. So we have to pray for our leader and President so that he can get accepted and get committed foreign investors that will revamp our economy.
“We have arable land, and we have human capital. The only thing we need is a favor from the Almighty God. So, Asiwaju is a blessing to this nation. I am telling Nigerians to arise and shine. Our light has come, and the glory of the Lord is upon us.
“Our concentration should be on CNG, not on petroleum. There are a lot of investors that will embrace Nigeria’s energy transition plan. Now, we should talk about patriotism and confidence to attract foreign investors. Nigeria’s power sector should be revamped and made functional.
“There is kinetic energy, a turbine, a windmill, and solar. These are the things people are using now all over the world. So, Asiwaju is a blessing to this nation. I am telling Nigerians to arise and shine. Our light has come, and the glory of the Lord is upon us”, she further stated.

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