Health Insurance: NHIA Holds Retreat, Strategises For 50m Enrolment


The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) held a retreat for senior management last week in Abuja to discuss strategies for increasing national health insurance enrollment in order to meet targets and improve the country’s overall health indices.

Professor Muhammad Ali Pate, the coordinating minister for health and social welfare, revealed that 750,000 additional Nigerians have been registered since the Tinubu administration began.

However, the Tinubu administration’s objective is to have 50 million Nigerians enrolled by 2027.

The goal of the retreat, attended by passionate participants, was to establish the tone for NHIA’s future orientation, focusing on critical priorities to meet President Tinubu’s mandate for the organization.

The inaugural event under current director general Kelechi Ohiri focused on identifying methods to increase membership across all schemes and maintain a standardized and consistent minimum benefit package. Participants also discussed concerns connected to health insurance portability (flexibility) and the role of stakeholders in resolving these issues. The retreat began with a warm welcome and introduction, followed by an explanation of the objectives and program from the Public Relations and Strategy Development (PRSD) team.

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Dr. Kelechi Ohiri, director general and CEO of NHIA, made the introductory remarks, highlighting the authority’s growing vision, strategy, and main priorities, all of which are aligned with the presidential mandate. During the two-day retreat, participants participated in plenary sessions and breakout discussions about several strategic pillars, such as enrollment, equality, quality of care, market efficiency, technology, and customer engagement, among others.

These conversations aimed to address obstacles and explore opportunities for improving the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services across Nigeria through the use of health insurance.

Other significant themes covered during the sessions included equity in healthcare delivery, quality of care, market efficiency, public participation, data openness, and organizational health and structure. Each session encouraged in-depth conversations and brainstorming on practical solutions to current difficulties and opportunities for growth. The retreat closed with a promise from NHIA leadership to continue the drive to boost enrollment while focusing on providing significant outcomes for Nigerians, in accordance with the Minister of Health and Social Welfare mandate. Participants pledged to work together, innovate, and develop continuously in order to fulfill NHIA’s strategic goals. In his final remarks, Dr. Ohiri emphasized the importance of cooperation and collaboration in accomplishing organizational goals, as well as the necessity to acknowledge and appreciate support from various departments and people. He also emphasized the commitment to holding quarterly strategy meetings to reflect on progress and adjust strategies as needed. He emphasized the significance of execution and adaptation in meeting objectives while acknowledging problems and expressing confidence in the team’s capacity to overcome them. As NHIA works to increase insurance coverage and improve healthcare access for all Nigerians, the conclusions of this strategic retreat are expected to impact the organization’s future actions and foster positive change in the healthcare industry.

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