Enugu State’s Tinted Window Ban Fights Crime.

Enugu State's Tinted Window Ban Fights Crime.
Enugu State's Tinted Window Ban Fights Crime.

Enugu State has taken a firm stance against unauthorized vehicles with tinted windows, as the government’s declaration of a ban on such vehicles reverberates. This prohibition, set to take effect on September 4, 2023, underscores Governor Peter Mbah‘s unswerving commitment to combat criminal activities like kidnapping and other illicit operations prevalent in the area.

The official pronouncement, communicated by Prof Chidiebere Onyia, the Secretary to the State Government, via a public service announcement on Monday, enforces the ban’s commencement on September 4, 2023. A grace period of four weeks from the announcement aims to provide owners of tinted-window vehicles without Police Tinted Permits, suspended by the Nigeria Police Force on June 7, 2021, sufficient leeway to rectify the situation by either removing or replacing the tinted windows, particularly if they were factory-installed.

The advisory also serves as a stern caution: non-compliant vehicles risk being impounded by an enforcement task force. Their release hinges on the removal or replacement of the tinted windows and the fulfillment of the stipulated fines.

Central to this prohibition is the overarching motive to thwart criminal enterprises and augment the safety and security of Enugu State’s residents and inhabitants. The stringent measure is a proactive stride towards ensuring a crime-free environment,

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