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Bard Chatbot Upgrade: Google Takes AI to the Next Level

Google AI - Bard
Google AI - Bard

Google has unveiled significant updates to its experimental AI chat service, Bard. The Chatbot, introduced in February 2023, now has a more capable model that seamlessly integrates with Google apps and services, enhancing its utility.

Bard stands out from its peers by sourcing information from the web, enabling it to provide tailored responses based on user needs.

The recent update has further improved Bard’s customization abilities, making it a valuable tool for bringing ideas to life.

This enhanced feature is facilitated by its integration with Google’s suite of tools, such as Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Flights and Hotels.

For instance, users planning a trip can now ask Bard to gather suitable dates from Gmail, find real-time flight and hotel details, offer Google Maps directions, and even recommend YouTube videos for their destination—all within a single conversation.

As we know, privacy is a priority for Google. Users utilizing Workspace Extensions can rest assured that their content from Gmail, Docs, and Drive remains private, shielded from human reviewers, ad targeting, or model training.

Users retain control over their privacy settings and can disable extensions at any time.

Additionally, Bard’s “Google it” button has been improved to allow users to cross-check its responses more easily.

When activated, Bard assesses the response for web-backed content, letting users explore supporting or contradictory information found online.

Furthermore, Google has expanded Bard’s language capabilities, introduced fact-checking features, and fine-tuned the underlying large language model.

This marks the most significant update to Bard since its public release seven months ago.

Google’s strategic move to empower Bard with a full suite of Google tools, combined with its commitment to privacy, sets it apart from other AI chatbots.

The tech giant is leveraging its extensive software portfolio to save users time and make Bard a practical, versatile tool for various tasks.

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