WhatsApp’s Latest Updates: ‘Flows’ And Secure Payments

Updates for WhatsApp Business
Updates for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp, under its parent company Meta Platforms, has unveiled a range of new features designed to enhance the chat experience for both individuals and businesses.

These updates aim to streamline transactions, boost trustworthiness, and improve overall user engagement.

One of the standout features is “Flows,” which empowers businesses to offer various services directly within chats.

Whether it’s booking train seats, placing meal orders, or scheduling appointments, users can now do it all without leaving the chat interface.

This user-friendly functionality is set to be accessible to businesses globally through the WhatsApp Business Platform.

In addition to Flows, WhatsApp is simplifying in-chat transactions by rolling out an improved payment system, initially in India.

Users can now add items to their cart and complete payments using their preferred methods, including UPI apps, debit/credit cards, and more.

To ensure smooth payments, WhatsApp has partnered with Razorpay and PayU.

To enhance trustworthiness, WhatsApp is introducing “Meta Verified” status for businesses. This feature assures users that they are interacting with legitimate entities.

To obtain this status, businesses must undergo verification by Meta, receiving a verified badge in return.

Meta Verified businesses will enjoy enhanced account support, protection against impersonation, and premium features such as creating a customized WhatsApp page and multi-device support.

Meta Platforms, WhatsApp’s parent company, has ambitious plans to expand payment support to various UPI apps in India, strengthening the app’s financial capabilities.

In summary, these updates reflect WhatsApp’s commitment to improving user experiences and enhancing its offerings for businesses.

The introduction of Flows, diversified payment options, and Meta Verified badges will make interactions more seamless and efficient.

These improvements are set to foster better connections, relationships, and productivity for all users and businesses involved.

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