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Scorefam Unveils Upgraded Version: Continuing the Vision with Enhanced Advantages

Mike Emeruwa, the Product Content Writer at Scorefam, announced the release of the latest version of their crypto sports staking platform.

Scorefam by Techrectory.
Scorefam by Techrectory.

Scorefam Launches Upgraded Version of Crypto Sports Staking Platform

In a recent blog post, Mike Emeruwa, the Product Content Writer at Scorefam, announced the release of the latest version of their crypto sports staking platform. The company believes this update brings them closer to achieving their goals of benefiting both the crypto and sports communities.

Two months ago, Scorefam introduced the live first version of its platform on the Binance smart chain which received significant interest. The platform witnessed a successful IDO launch, formed exciting partnerships, and secured substantial capital from GEM Digital Limited.

Since then, Scorefam has been actively engaging with its community and partners to implement new features, such as innovative gaming options, an enhanced interface, and improved transaction processes. This proactive interaction with the users has allowed Scorefam to shape the platform for optimal user experience.

The latest version, Version 2, comes with various benefits, including flexible and multiflex gaming features that offer users multiple ways to earn and stay entertained. Additionally, the platform now boasts a hyper-interactive interface, carefully crafted with the community’s input, making navigation and user experience more seamless.

Scorefam is gearing up to launch the Flexible and Multiflex features alongside the existing Locked gaming on its platform. With a primary focus on risk management, these new features offer users diverse opportunities to earn. Tailored to individual preferences, they promise to enrich the user experience while ensuring both entertainment and profitability.

To meet the demands of its growing user base, Scorefam has focused on increasing transaction speed for buying SFT tokens, placing stakes, and withdrawing winnings. The company remains dedicated to pushing boundaries in the crypto gaming industry and aims to pioneer advancements in the Play-to-Earn gaming sector.

Overall, Scorefam’s new version represents a significant step towards the future, aligning with its vision of progress and innovation in the crypto sports staking realm.

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