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OPPO Introduces the A78 with Advanced Technological Features

OPPO A78 By Techrectory
OPPO A78 By Techrectory

Today 10th of August 2023, OPPO announced the new OPPO A78’s arrival in Nigeria. With FHD+ AMOLED Display, Dual Stereo Speakers, lightning-fast 67W SUPERVOOC flash charge, large 5000mAh battery, intelligent and secure ColorOS 13.1, and more significant upgrades on the OPPO A78.

For up to four years, the A78 is designed to perform flawlessly and smoothly. This outstanding performance is further enhanced by the phone’s eye-catching Ultra-Slim Retro Design, which features an industry-first Diamond Matrix Design on the back cover.

Longer-lasting Battery and Lightning-fast, Dependable Charging

The OPPO A78 has one of the fastest flash charging speeds of any smartphone in its price range thanks to the combination of a super-quick 67W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charge and a sizable 5000mAh battery.

The OPPO A78 takes only 44 minutes to fully charge. With this incredible charging speed, it’s even possible to charge the phone just before boarding a plane and have it ready to go for the duration of the flight.

The long-lasting 5,000mAh battery can easily power an entire day of typical use because, when fully charged, it can deliver 27.4 days of standby by (flight mode) or 16.37 hours when watching videos on youtube.

Additionally, OPPO has introduced a number of unique technologies that are intended to improve the A78’s charging efficiency and security. The battery life of the OPPO A78 can be increased to 1,600 charge and discharge cycles, which is enough to keep the battery in good working order for up to four years.

Intelligently learning from users’ daily charging routines, Enhanced All-Day Charging of the OPPO A78 modifies the charging speed.

Enhanced All-Day Charging can instantly stop charging the battery when it reaches 80percent capacity and then resume charging to 100% just in time for the end of the workday for office workers who frequently leave their phones plugged in to a charger throughout the day.

This decreases the battery’s need for constant charging, enhancing battery longevity and safety. Additionally, all through the A78 features 5-Layer Charging Protection yet again enhances end-to-end safety throughout the entire process of charging.

An Enhanced Audio-Visual Experience

The OPPO A78 is the first device in the company’s A series to have an FHD+ AMOLED screen, which is uncommon for devices in its price range.

The 6.4″ screen’s enhanced smoothness and responsiveness are made possible by its 90Hz refresh rate and up to 180Hz touch sampling rate.

The screen’s overall brightness of up to 600 nits allows it to display stunning detail even in bright sunlight, and its intelligent adaptive backlight helps to deliver the most comfortable viewing experience in various settings to lessen eye strain from extended viewing.

In-Display Fingerprint Unlock is also featured on the display for the first time on a smartphone in this price range, providing a better balance between opulent design and practicality.

The A78’s Dual Stereo Speakers and Real HD Sound 3.0 deliver more immersive and crystal-clear surround sound in addition to the excellent visual experience, providing the best audio tailored for various situations such as music, video, and gaming.

Ultra Volume Mode allows users to increase sound volume by up to 200%, making it easier to hear music or the phone ringing in even the noisiest environments.

The earpiece volume can be raised by an additional 3dB during voice calls without degrading the audio, ensuring that users can always hear their conversations clearly even in noisy environments.

The A78’s camera system includes a 50MP primary camera in addition to a number of new features.

Dual-View Video, for instance, enables the simultaneous recording of video from the front and back cameras and the merging of that footage into a single frame, opening up fresh opportunities for the production of imaginative vlogs.

Dual Stereo Speakers in Ultra Volume Mode for the A78 remain fluid for up to four years.

The Snapdragon® 680 Mobile Platform, which powers the A78, offers powerful performance with reduced power consumption for everyday tasks.

The phone has an 8GB RAM + 128/256GB ROM configuration, and an SD card slot allows for up to 1TB of additional storage.

Additionally, it features OPPO’s RAM Expansion technology, which enables the temporary conversion of free ROM space into up to 8GB of RAM in order to maintain the phone’s functionality under conditions of high load.

The Dynamic Computing Engine on the A78 can speed up app opening by as much as 1.42%. Keeping up to 19 apps running in the background at once without any interference is also beneficial.

The A78 offers silky-smooth performance for up to four years as a result of all these optimizations, giving users a more durable smooth experience than they would get from other smart phones at a comparable price.

Diamond Matrix Design, a first in the industry, on an improved Ultra-Slim Retro body

Aqua Green and Mist Black are two modern, in-vogue color finishes for the A78. The Aqua Green A78, which is influenced by water, employs a double-layer process to layer an industry-first Diamond Matrix Design on top of a base layer of water green.

The end result is a vivid, vivacious color that twinkles like diamonds and floats on a delicate surface of jade water to produce an exquisite appearance that is all its own. Mist Black, on the other hand, enhances a pure black color base with a hint of yellow-green to give the phone a three-dimensional appearance.

With the addition of several new upgrades, the OPPO A78 maintains the same iconic Ultra-Slim Retro Design as earlier models in the OPPO A series.

The A78 is the thinnest phone with a 5000mAh battery in its price range, continuing the slim and light design of the Reno series despite having a large 5000mAh battery. It measures as little as 7.93 mm thick and weighs only 180 g.

A More Intelligent and Private OS 13.1 in Color

The A78’s ColorOS 13.1 is built for increased comfort and privacy. Screen Translate, one of the new features in the most recent version of ColorOS, uses Google Lens to instantly translate the entire content of a screen with just one click from the sidebar. Screen Translate can translate image-based text and supports intelligent translation between 105 languages.

With just one click, Auto Pixelate can instantly identify and pixelate private information like profile photos and names on chat screenshots.

In-country authorized retail locations have the OPPO A78 device for sale starting at N188,000. Over time, the OPPO A series has earned a reputation for providing excellent features at reasonable price points.

Along with these aesthetic improvements, the A78 offers better quality and durability. To ensure that it can withstand the rigors of daily life, the phone has undergone some of the most demanding durability tests in OPPO’s lab. Additionally, it is IP54 waterproof, so regular spills and splashes won’t bother it.

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