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LATTES 3.0: Women Are Inspired to Shape the Future by Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers

Women’s empowerment has unquestionably become a powerful catalyst, bringing about positive change and changing the perception of women’s roles in society.

LATTES 3.0 Event, (PHOTO: StanbicIBTC/Twitter)
LATTES 3.0 Event, (PHOTO: StanbicIBTC/Twitter)

In keeping with its long-standing commitment to the development of women in Nigeria, the organization organized the recently concluded third edition of the Ladies at the Table Empowerment Series (LATTES 3.0), with the theme “The Woman of the Future.”The lives and contributions of women have been completely transformed by this revolutionary change, which has allowed them to realize their full potential in promoting economic growth, thriving societies, and sustainable livelihoods.

In spite of the fact that women’s economic empowerment leads to increased productivity and economic diversification as well as other positive development outcomes, over 2.7 billion women worldwide are still legally prohibited from choosing the same jobs as men, according to a United Nations Women publication. The path toward women’s liberation is an essential revolution.

Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers acknowledges that every woman has the capacity to achieve greatness if she is given the proper resources and guidance

Influential keynote speakers, panelists, and workshop facilitators from a variety of backgrounds came together for the event to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights on a range of issues impacting women. In addition to learning about corporate leadership and new trends in entrepreneurship, attendees also got the chance to hear from leaders in the field who are driving change and leaving a lasting legacy.

Among LATTES 3.0’s highlights were the lively panel discussions that addressed important issues facing women in the modern world. Work-life balance, financial empowerment, personal growth, and gender bias were all discussed in these sessions. Engaging conversations were facilitated by the discussions, which also helped attendees form a supportive network that opened up opportunities for collaboration and mentoring.

Prominent speakers at LATTES 3.0 included Tobi Ayeni, the founder of MissTechy; Solape Akinpelu, co-founder and CEO of HerVest; and Dr. Omolola Salako, founder of Sebeccly Cancer Care and Pearl Oncology Specialist Hospital. These successful women imparted their wisdom, anecdotes, and practical advice on how to succeed in the workforce.

The panelists emphasized during the discussion that women’s empowerment has a direct bearing on socioeconomic advancement. Women can play a significant role in the advancement of their communities when they have access to economic resources, employment opportunities, and education.

The modern woman is aware of how important work-life balance is to achieving holistic wellbeing. Essential elements like family, personal development, and self-care are her top priorities.

Women who support a better integration of work and life can achieve a more sustainable and satisfying future, so brought about LATTES 3.0.

Olumide Oyetan, Chief Executive of Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers, gave a speech at the event and referred to LATTES as a crucial project that heralds a new era in the empowerment of women in Nigeria. He observed that Nigerian women play a variety of roles in their families, careers, politics, and communities. Women can develop a creative mindset and take on a variety of responsibilities that will better equip them for the future by being aware of these roles.

In her keynote speech, Juliet Ehimuan, the Director of Google West Africa, also mentioned that women who dare to dream big and defy social norms will be the ones leading the future. She warned women to use technology to their advantage in order to build the future they want.

In Juliet, she says, “Women need to fully seize the numerous opportunities that have the capacity to revolutionize their lives and careers. Through proactive pursuit of these prospects, women can enhance their expertise, diversify their skill sets, and develop the self-assurance required to maneuver through the constantly changing terrain of life and career.

Apart from the panel discussions, LATTES 3.0 included interactive workshops that furnished women with applicable abilities and resources to augment their individual and occupational development. The workshops addressed a wide range of subjects, such as leveraging technology for career advancement, financial management, negotiation techniques, and leadership development. The participants gained practical knowledge from these interactive sessions, which also helped them gain the confidence they needed to grab new opportunities.

In addition, the occasion honoured and recognized exceptional women who personify the qualities of fortitude, tenacity, and excellence. A ceremony honouring women who have made noteworthy contributions to their communities and industries and who serve as role models for future leaders was part of the event. LATTES 3.0 encouraged attendees to dream big and follow their goals by showcasing these women’s accomplishments and reassuring them that they have the support and encouragement of a thriving community.

This occasion acted as a spark for change, inspiring women to question accepted wisdom, grasp chances, and accept their part in forming a future that is more varied and inclusive. Through thought-provoking talks, lively workshops, and the acknowledgment of exceptional achievements, LATTES 3.0 fostered an environment of empowerment that will keep participants motivated long after the event is over.

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