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Introduction of the Digital Prosperity Award by the Digital Cooperative Organisation

Digital Prosperity Award
Digital Prosperity Award

The Digital Prosperity Awards were established by the Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) to recognize and honor digital achievements that advance prosperity, particularly the digital economy, which is a major driver of a nation’s progress and growth.

The Digital Prosperity Awards are a set of prizes that honor outstanding developments in the digital sphere. Three pillars—digital innovation, digital transformation, and empowering society—serve as the foundation for the awards. Initiatives that use innovative technology to affect positive change are recognized by digital innovation. The advancement of decision-making processes is acknowledged by digital transformation. To advance society, Empowering Society adheres to moral standards when using digital technologies. The Digital Prosperity Awards also honor achievements in resolving environmental issues and advancing sustainability.

The Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) has launched the Digital Prosperity Awards to recognize outstanding digital contributions to prosperity for all. The awards aim to identify the top digital innovators from member states and around the world who advance humanity. The goal is to accelerate digital transformation in their countries, foster collaboration, and cultivate a sense of purpose among stakeholders. The DCO Secretary-General, Deemah AlYahya, expressed excitement about the awards and their potential to accelerate the digital economy. The DCO’s awards highlight its role as a resource for information, an advocate, a facilitator, and an advisor, advancing the digital transformation of Member States and the sustainable growth of the digital economy while also promoting well-being, social stability, and collaboration for digital prosperity.

Entrants and nominees will be judged by a technical committee and judging panel based on their initiatives addressing local, regional, and international challenges in all economic sectors. The winners will represent the DCO Member States’ public and private sectors as well as civil society. The DCO Member Prize for Digital Prosperity for All will be awarded to the winners from the private sector or civil society.

The DCO International Prize for Digital Prosperity for All will be awarded to the winner, who will be chosen from a group of global civil society finalists who are available for public nominations.

For information on award categories, the nomination process, and to submit or nominate a project, visit the official Digital Prosperity Awards website and also click HERE for more news.

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