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In Ten Years, Bolt Nigeria Records More Than 250 Million Rides

The number of rides has increased seven times as Global Company marks its tenth anniversary.

Bolt by Techrectory
Bolt by Techrectory

Since its launch in 2016, Bolt Nigeria has experienced a growth in the rides market of more than 7 times. This news coincides with the 10th anniversary of the world-leading mobility company in Europe and Africa. Since its first year on the market in Nigeria, Bolt has also facilitated over 250 million rides and seen over 3 billion kilometers of distance recorded by users on the app. Despite significant obstacles over the past ten years, such as an increase in inflation, rising interest rates, and an uncertain macroeconomic outlook in many markets, From a ground-breaking startup, Bolt has developed into a market leader in the mobility space. Globally and locally, Bolt is still committed to offering a cutting-edge technology platform that improves sustainability, affordability, and safety. Bolt recently revealed that it now has customers in more than 500 cities across 45 countries.

These clients use a variety of its mobility services, such as ride-hailing, micromobility (scooter and e-bike rentals), food and grocery delivery, free-floating car-sharing service Bolt Drive, and corporate mobility service Bolt Business. 3.5 million partners (drivers and couriers) are now using the app to make a living, including over 1 million in Africa alone, according to Bolt’s announcement.

We continue to be steadfast in our commitment to ensuring safety, affordability, and dependability for all users on our platform as we reach these amazing milestones in the ride-hailing market. Despite the difficulties brought on by the macroeconomic environment’s constant change, we are steadfast in our commitment to offering first-class service. In order to ensure the development of the ride-hailing industry in Nigeria, we also remain committed to working with our driver partners, regulatory organizations, and other industry stakeholders. said Country Manager Yahaya Mohammed.

The Women at the Wheel campaign, which aims to address the underrepresentation of women in the mobility sector and assist women in accessing the additional earning opportunities offered by working as a driver on a ride-hailing platform, is one of the notable milestones accomplished by Bolt Nigeria.

Provided nearly 300 million rides through dependable mobility options that allowed travelers to reach their destinations with ease.

Innovative safety measures and procedures have been put in place to protect the welfare of both drivers and passengers. For instance, the audio trip recording feature in the Bolt app enables both drivers and passengers to start an audio recording of their trip, providing a solution for any uncomfortable situations that may arise during the ride.

Enhancing user experience by iteratively improving the app and services, such as the most recent addition of the scheduled rides option that enables users to reserve a ride up to 72 hours in advance, ensuring the utmost convenience and a seamless travel experience.

The overall user experience on Bolt’s app will continue to be improved. Through creativity, wise financial decisions, and the ongoing provision of trustworthy, reasonably priced, and secure transportation options,” Mohammed said.

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Author for Techrectory.

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