FCT develop or revoke order: Wike extends deadline for mosques, churches

FCT develop or revoke order: Wike extends deadline for mosques, churches
FCT develop or revoke order: Wike extends deadline for mosques, churches (Image Credit: Niginfo FM)

The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has extended the ‘develop or revoke’ order issued religious bodies in the territory, saying they would be granted additional time instead of the earlier three-month blanket notice handed all institutions.

He also at a separate engagement, put the FCT administration’s monthly wage bill at N8 billion, saying its budget for next year would take into account the concerns raised by various stakeholders and unions.

Wike had last month issued a three-month grace for owners of 189 undeveloped plots to commence work or risk revocation.

Speaking when he received the Board of the National Mosque, led by the chairman, the Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar, yesterday, the minister said the FCT administration was extending the ultimatum to religious groups since they largely depended on freewill donations from members.

The delegation was at the FCTA to seek clarification on the status of it plots, 63, where they were directed to halt development during the construction of the Outer Southern Express way.

He explained that work was due to start on the plot located opposite the Yar’Adua Center before a ‘stop work’ notice was issued to the management of the mosque.

The board also sought support to complete the ongoing renovation of the FCT National Mosque, being carried out by the Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA, before the inauguration of President Tinubu’s administration.

He pointed that the National Mosque was recognised as a national monument by President Olusegun Obasanjo, who initiated a fund raiser for its renovation.

However, on plot 99, the royal father said it had been getting the right attention as the council had obtained a building plan approval to begin development soon.

Responding, the FCT minister said that the revocation order issued to owners of abandoned projects and plots was not targeted at any individual or groups, but rather to change the landscape of the territory and to discourage criminals from hibernating in them.

He said: “In order to fight crime, and change the land scape of the city, we will not allow uncompleted buildings. Therefore, those who gave theirs, go now and start completing.

”We know the finances of religious groups, they are handicap as they are not business people, and it is only when people come to support them.

“In such areas, we can say on religious grounds, instead of three months, we can give additional time but it is not targeted at anybody or group. Now, you have come and explain, which any reasonable man would accept.

”So our people should stop saying he is targeting so group or religion or ethnic group. No, it is for the interest of all of us.

“We will extend it, so we will not restrict it to three months for you as a religious group because there is no money as people come to support you. And it is only when they support that you can carry out whatever you are doing.”

Wike also clarified the controversies around the alleged demolition of a mosque in Rivers State while he served as governor of the state.

He said the allegation was a political move spread by his opponents, insisting that no Mosque was demolished during his tenure as governor.

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