Estonia-Kenya Tech Collaboration Launched by Latitude59

Latitude59 Attendees

Latitude59 CEO Liisi Org aims to initiate conversations in a crucial target market for Estonia, focusing on the motto “Be Bold”.

Liisi Org said, “Let’s be bold and build the world we want to live in”. Several African countries and Estonia have been in each other’s interest for many years, both in business and the public sector, and several Estonian start-ups are already operating in different African countries. It is only fitting to give a boost to cooperation by bringing people together at Latitude59 on the spot”.

Estonia’s digital governance and social development experience is highly valued in Kenya, and Latitude59 aims to create connections between startup ecosystems in diverse countries. Admirals, a fintech company with operations in Estonia and other regions, is a project partner in this endeavor. Admirals, founded in Estonia, has clients in over 135 countries and operates in Estonia and other regions.

Admirals, headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, has made significant R&D investments and is registered in Kenya. They promote financial literacy and investor education, and their event in Kenya fosters synergies. Director Boriss Gubaidulin emphasizes the importance of strengthening a community for sustainable development and sustained growth.

Admirals has experience working with African business delegations, highlighting Estonia’s digital status as a hub for start-ups and encouraging domestic and international business. “We are pleased to jointly lead and promote the Estonian success story in Kenya and to support regional initiatives and the cohesion of the startup community,” Gubaidulin said.

The cohesion of the Estonian startup ecosystem and the conference’s objective to make the world a better place through technology and innovation attracted attendees from 67 countries, including a sizable number of government representatives, to the 11th Latitude59 conference, which was held in May of this year. The technology industry conference “Latitude59 Kenya Edition” will be held on December 7 in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital.

A project to connect the startup ecosystems of Estonia and Kenya is being funded by the Estonian Centre for International Development (ESTDEV), which also supports the expansion of African and Estonian companies over the long term.

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