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BPRS Department Heads in Anambra LGAs Received Laptops and Training on Reliable Data Sourcing

On Wednesday 23/08/23, heads of the 21 Local Government Areas in Anambra State’s Department of Budget, Planning, Research, and Statistics (BPRS) received brand-new laptops as part of Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s initiative to provide digital tools for the state workforce.


The presentation came following the department heads of BPRS one-day training on how to use technology to source and process data accurately and reliably.

The State Ministry of Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs, in partnership with the Anambra State ICT Agency, organized the “Empowering Data-Driven Governance Through Technology” event, which was held at the JAAC Conference Room, Government House, Awka, the State Capital.

The department heads of BPRS were in Abuja three months ago for training on producing data for the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission, Abuja.

They were advised to purchase digital work tools during the training because the state’s multiple LGAs will be uploading data digitally moving forward.

The Anambra Commissioner for Local Government, Chieftaincy and Community Affairs, Tony-Collins Nwabunwanne, acknowledged during the laptop presentation that this is the first time the department heads have been equipped with digital work tools. This represents the governor’s commitment to digitizing the state workforce and the state’s overall vision to become a tech-driven state.

Thanking the governor for all of his initiatives to advance the state civil service, Nwabunwanne urged government employees to make the most of their equipment in order to increase productivity.

“The Ministry is trying to figure out how to help LGA employees get laptops for personal growth under a simple payment plan.”

The governor has also asked all LGAs to submit their demands and approved the provision of furniture for the workers in each LGA.

You can all agree that the governor is sincere in his desire to change the local government system as we observe this training and laptop presentation today.

“All we’re asking is that you make sure the information obtained is used to boost the state’s revenue.”Make sure you are accurate when it comes to numbers and data, and collaborate with others to gain knowledge from them.

“I promise to keep you informed about innovations in your field of expertise through ongoing trainings,” he pleaded.

Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata, Managing Director of the Anambra ICT Agency, reaffirmed in his speech the Governor’s goal of installing a government that prioritizes technology and uses it in all of its interactions.

He claims that the governor is pushing this idea through the ICT agency and that numerous state MDAs have already embraced it.

In his own words, “Mr. Governor’s goal with this is to maximize data collection based on the revenue mobilization and fiscal commission, Abuja, recommendation.”

“We will conduct in-person training and then follow up with online sessions to help the officers comprehend and properly use the software used for this data collection.”Because we have noticed that there is no data available to work with, we want you to be able to understand how to upload to the state server in addition to the RMAC Abuja.We also noticed that there aren’t many digital work tools, which has reduced worker productivity and is a key advantage of the private sector.

“We came to the realization that the state will face significant challenges if we do nothing about this. Thus, in order to guarantee that they have the necessary tools to do their jobs well, we are introducing the PC policy. This is the reason the government is giving you the laptops from the BPRS.

CFA congratulated the LGA officials on their newfound expertise and tools, but also reminded them to make sure the tools have an influence on how they perform their duties moving forward.

In order for them to fully utilize digitization, he promised that the ICT agency would follow through and support them in internalizing the demands.

He asserts that “the ICT Agency is positioned to drive the vision of ‘Everything Technology and Technology Everywhere’ to fruition and that there is only one Anambra and one agenda.”

Speaking as well, Mr. Vin Ezeaka, Chairman of the Anambra State Local Government Service Commission (LGSC), emphasized the importance of data and expressed admiration for the efforts made to gather it using digital tools.

In order to make sure that there are plenty of tools available for use in the LGA system, he discussed plans to introduce the “Own Your Laptop” project to all employees.

The governor was thanked by Okafor Chijioke, Head of Budget Planning, Research and Statistics, BPRS Department, Onitsha North, and Uche Ogbonna, Head of Budget Planning, Research and Statistics, Nnewi North, for the training and laptop, stating that their productivity level would increase.

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