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AWS Establishes Africa’s First Skills Center to Strengthen the Workforce in Cape Town, South Africa

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has taken a significant step toward empowering the African workforce with the inauguration of its first international AWS Skills Center in Cape Town, South Africa

AWS Skills Center by Techrectory
AWS Skills Center by Techrectory

The goal is targeted at making cloud skills training accessible and fostering innovation in the region. A part of Amazon’s broader mission to provide free digital skills training to millions globally, the AWS Skills Center offers a range of learning experiences aimed at equipping individuals from all walks of life with cloud computing expertise.

As the popularity of remote work and cloud technology continues to surge, AWS is bridging the knowledge gap and providing hands-on learning opportunities that exist in the continent. The AWS Skills Center in Cape Town stands as a dedicated space where curious minds can explore cloud computing, grasp career prospects within the industry, and cultivate the skills required to achieve their professional goals.

The opening of the center was celebrated with enthusiasm by local community leaders, educators, government officials, and job seekers. The facility provides a nurturing environment for individuals of diverse backgrounds to delve into the world of cloud technology, with immersive exhibits, training sessions, and community events that highlight the impact of cloud computing on various sectors.

The new AWS Skills Center in Cape Town, South Africa, features eight immersive exhibits where visitors can explore real-world cloud applications

A Collaborative Hub for Learning

Cape Town’s AWS Skills Center joins its counterparts in Seattle and Arlington, Virginia, to offer a host of free training and educational activities to the public. Designed to engage and educate, the center’s features include:

  • Immersive Exhibits: Visitors are treated to eight interactive exhibits that showcase the role of cloud technology in fields ranging from space exploration to gaming and machine learning.
  • Instructor-Led Training: Both in-person and virtual participants have the opportunity to engage in live, instructor-led training sessions led by AWS experts. These sessions cover fundamental cloud computing concepts.
  • Certification Preparation: Aspiring cloud practitioners can leverage the center’s resources to prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, a valuable industry credential that enhances employability.
  • Career Coaching and Networking: The center not only imparts knowledge but also facilitates connections with local employers and workforce development organizations. This networking helps learners’ access job placement opportunities and career advice.

Empowering the African Workforce

The establishment of the AWS Skills Center in Cape Town reflects a broader initiative to nurture a skilled cloud workforce and bridge the skills gap. According to the 2023 World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, organizations identify skills gaps and a lack of access to talent as key barriers to industry transformation. As the adoption of technologies like big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence surges, the demand for skilled individuals grows exponentially.

To meet this demand, AWS has been diligently training South Africans in cloud skills since 2017, with over 100,000 individuals benefiting from both free and paid training programs. The AWS Skills Center in Cape Town signifies Amazon’s dedication to expanding the reach of cloud education and achieving its goal to offer free digital skills training to millions by 2025.

Amazon Web Services’ launch of the AWS Skills Center in Cape Town marks a significant milestone for cloud education in Africa. The provision of accessible, comprehensive training, in cloud computing points to AWS does not only unlock opportunities for individuals but also contributing to the continent’s digital transformation.

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Written by Grace Ene

Author for Techrectory.

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