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Airtel Nigeria CEO Discusses 5G at Technology Times Live

Mr. Carl Cruz, Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, discusses 5G at a thought leadership session on Tuesday 22/08/2023 on Technology Times Live, an interactive TV experience that will draw viewers from throughout Nigeria, Africa, and beyond. He also discusses how high-speed mobile and ancillary services will continue to promote Nigeria’s socioeconomic progress.

Airtel Nigeria CEO, (PHOTO; Sourced By Techrectory)
Airtel Nigeria CEO, (PHOTO; Sourced By Techrectory)

The CEO/Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria has been selected to participate in a special Technology Times focus on “Nigeria Mobile Revolution: 22 Years On in Era of 5G,” which will refocus attention on the rapid socio-economic transformation realized since the August 2001 commercial rollout of digital mobile telephony service throughout the nation. Selected industry, government, and thought leaders are participating in this analysis, analyzing yesterday, today, and tomorrow of the country’s mobile phone revolution.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2023, from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. Nigeria time, Mr. Cruz, the CEO/Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria, will present thought leadership at an interactive session on the Technology Times Live YouTube channel, which can be accessed at

In a statement, Mr. Shina Badaru, the founder of Technology Times, said, “The revolution, driven by launch of service by Airtel Nigeria (then Econet Wireless Nigeria) and other mobile network operators (MNOs), has seen the country’s mobile phone lines grow from over 500,000 lines in 2001 to over 220 million lines in June 2023. It has also become an innovation enabler across several sectors of the Nigerian economy.”

“We are happy to have Mr. Carl Cruz, CEO/Managing Director of Airtel Nigeria, as a guest on Technology Times Live, an online interactive TV program that aims to examine how the nation’s top mobile network operator continues to define and shape the mobile revolution while also emphasizing the advantages of its new Airtel 5G service for customers and businesses nationwide,” Mr. Badaru says.

During the meeting, the CEO of Airtel Nigeria will bring attention back to the last 22 years of the nation’s mobile revolutions and how his company is still leading the way in developing cutting-edge solutions that go beyond communication in a variety of industries.

In addition, he will discuss the ongoing mobile revolution, the arrival of 5G, how Airtel Nigeria—which recently started offering commercial 5G service—plans to help Nigerian businesses and consumers take advantage of the opportunities presented by this cutting-edge mobile technology, as well as what exciting advancements they can look forward to in the years to come.

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