Advance Program by Publiseer Launches, Supporting Top Creators

Publiseer Program Supporting Top Creators
Publiseer Program Supporting Top Creators

Publiseer, a digital distribution company, has introduced a new program called Publiseer Advance, which allows top-tier content creators to receive their royalties before official store disbursements, benefiting those in the top ten percent of earners on the platform.

Publiseer CEO Chidi Nwaogu said that “being an independent creator can be very expensive as they bear all the financial burden. Since our inception, we have made digital distribution seamless and free to our creators, giving our creators enough time to focus on creating their content while we distribute, market, and monetize it on their behalf.” and emphasizes that with the help of the Publiseer Advance program, creators can manage their irregular monthly income and concentrate on what they want to do without having to worry about money, which is essential for promoting their careers.

Ifeanyi Obiania, a content review manager at Publiseer, said that the company will be working closely with its highest-paid creators to choose an appropriate advance sum. Until the advance is paid in full, the repayment will be conveniently withheld from the creator’s monthly income. Once paid back, creators have the option of accepting more advances or resuming their usual monthly royalty payments. Creators must have a minimum of two years of platform experience to be qualified for the Publiseer Advance Program.

The company is a digital platform to uplift independent and underserved African creators, including authors, singers, filmmakers, and video game developers. It is supported by prestigious organizations like the Institut Français, the Goethe Institut, the Jack Ma Foundation, and the Alibaba Foundation. By monetizing their creative products, Publiseer helps people from low-income backgrounds go beyond the poverty line and earn more than the minimum wage.

The complex strategy of Publiseer includes targeted marketing of artistic works at no expense to the producers, worldwide dissemination, and protection against piracy. Additionally, the company takes a cut of the money made and invests it back into helping additional African producers. Once a creator’s work is accepted onto the site, Publiseer polishes it to match professional standards, promoting worldwide competition. With distribution to an established network of more than 400 partner stores, creators gain visibility and accessibility.

Publiseer safeguards content from unlawful dissemination and intellectual property infringement, ensuring authors’ rights and ownership. Creators receive royalties via regional payment methods, and a common dashboard allows sales performance tracking.

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