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Nigerian Influencers Benefit from X’s New Revenue-Sharing Model

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Twitter X Revenue-Sharing

Twitter’s new ad revenue-sharing model, introduced globally under its new name, X, has taken Nigerian content creators and influencers by storm. Following a successful rollout in the US, X’s owner, Elon Musk, has brought the initiative to Nigeria, allowing verified users to earn payments based on their engagement. This move is a strategic step towards promoting the adoption of X Premium subscriptions, which grant access to exclusive features.

Among those benefitting from this initiative is Desmond Oris, who, along with his influencer peers, was pleasantly surprised to receive payments ranging from $251 to $500. To be eligible for such payments, users must meet certain criteria, including having over 500 followers, 15 million cumulative impressions within three months, and being subscribed to X Premium. This pioneering approach by Musk aims to incentivize quality content creation and engagement on the platform.

@GwazaVictoria, another content creator, credits this development with boosting her determination to secure the coveted blue verification tick. The newfound opportunity for direct earnings from X has also elevated influencer marketing, leading to increased compensation for their contributions.

However, not all reactions have been positive. Concerns about the platform’s potential toxicity have arisen, as the direct financial incentive could exacerbate negative behavior for the sake of engagement and revenue. Some fear that minority groups may bear the brunt of such behavior.

Despite these concerns, X has successfully generated enthusiasm for its Premium subscription. Users looking to become eligible for ad revenue sharing must apply, a process that involves enabling the “Creator Ads Revenue Sharing” option within the app’s settings.

Musk’s innovative approach has sparked a new chapter for content creation and engagement on X. While the sustainability of this model remains uncertain due to the company’s revenue trends, the initiative has already achieved its primary goal: driving subscriptions to X Premium. As content creators adapt to these changes, the digital landscape continues to evolve with potential implications for online interactions and content quality.

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