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Crypto Smart: Crypto Startup Gains Ground in South-South Region

Karla Obakpolor - The Founder of Crypto Smart and Borderless (PHOTO: TechEconomy)
Karla Obakpolor - The Founder of Crypto Smart and Borderless (PHOTO: TechEconomy)

Nigeria’s Crypto Smart, a rapidly growing crypto asset management firm, is reshaping the landscape in the South-South region.

In a recent interview with a respondent from Techeconomy, we gained new insights into the company’s journey and its progress over the years.

About Crypto Smart

According to the founder of Crypto Smart, Karla Obakpolor, the company was launched in February 2021 and has since become a hub for individuals and businesses navigating the cryptocurrency world.

As Karla states, “Crypto Smart is an asset management company launched in 2021. We provide services through our network, through which organizations and individuals can buy and sell crypto to profit from the industry.”

The company offers 24/7 customer support and secure, encrypted transactions. However, Crypto Smart doesn’t stop at crypto services.

In the business aspect of our services, we also provide consulting services for companies that want to transition from Web2 to Web3,” Karla explains. “We offer consultations for people looking to build tech-related projects or founders starting startups.”


Like most startups, Crypto Smart faced a couple of challenges. Karla recalls, “At first, we had the issue of a lack of understanding from individuals around us. You know, we didn’t have trust, and we needed trust to be able to offer the services that we provide to people.”

Then there was the challenge of acquiring developers. According to Karla, they had built an online NFT marketplace for Africans before, but it did not perform well because they lacked developers.

Recognizing the critical role of a strong tech team, the company actively recruited developers, leading to the creation of “Borderless.” As Karla notes, “We wanted to build a network of people who could help bring ideas to life and create value.”

Borderless focuses on training tertiary students in tech skills and forming partnerships with schools to include these courses in tuition fees.

Karla envisions that this approach will enable “students to leave school not only with certificates but also with valuable employable skills.”

Furthermore, despite the challenges posed by the Port Harcourt ecosystem, Crypto Smart is now on the verge of forming partnerships with major tech firms in the area. As Karla puts it, “I believe I am wiser now; there is more publicity, and people are asking lots of questions about Crypto Smart.”

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